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 Richard L Fung Fine Art Photography Eclectic Visions



While in high school, I began taking black and white photographs and printing them in the bathroom. In those years, I photographed my large, extended Asian family and their friends, at parties. As the high school yearbook photographer, I also took pictures of students, sports events and school activities. Creativity was not part of my photography. Though people liked my photos, I moved on to other things.

Years later, sitting alongside the Big Sur River, I noticed the sun reflecting off the water’s surface, back-lighting insects in flight. This was a very captivating scene. What if I could capture and hold this moment, I asked myself. Then I realized, If I got back into photography, I could. When I returned to photography, the experience was very different.

I had learned about meditation and mindfulness, and how to be thoroughly present in the moment. More than knowledge of film, lenses, or exposures was needed to make beautiful photographs. I also noted that each subject often required a different rendering to create that special image. Now, I often use old cameras, such as a 1950"s Diana plastic camera, a large format view camera, a 35 millimeter rangefinder, or a digital camera, as well as a variety of printing techniques to give familiar subjects an ethereal and unique quality.

I let the subject dictate the style but I am always trying to create an image that will elicit an emotional feeling. Today, I have a very eclectic approach and I hope that you will enjoy my photographs. I currently exhibit and sell my work in various galleries and community settings. Please check my exhibition tab for upcoming shows or contact me using the contacts tab.

 Richard L Fung